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Real-time, asset integrity monitoring

A non-invasive, compact ultrasound sensor for the continuous monitoring of corrosion and erosion. With its low-profile size and flexibility, the Belenus can be fitted to a range of structures including pipes, storage tanks and pressure vessels, enabling 24/7 asset monitoring. Suitable for fixed installation in both extreme and ambient environments, the Belenus is the world’s first corrosion monitoring sensor that can operate completely soaked in high-temperature atmospheres up to 400°C (752°F) for extended periods of time.

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Real-time Asset Integrity

The Belenus provides real-time, asset integrity data, enabling operators to proactively manage corrosion risk, make data-informed decisions and reduce the overall cost of operations. Via a cloud-based system, the novosound Nebula, plant operators can access inspection data remotely – anytime, anywhere. This allows analysis of key asset integrity data across a range of locations, informing key operational decisions.

Available for Operation

Belenus-X is available for operation in ATEX, IECEx and UKEX Zone 0 locations. This enables in-service corrosion monitoring in the most safety-critical and high-risk environments.

Key Features and Benefits

• Continuous operation completely soaked in high temperatures up to 400°C, with no cooling
• Low profile and lightweight
• In-service installation reduces the cost of downtime for minimal disruption to operations
• Intelligent asset monitoring enabling proactive predictive maintenance scheduling
• High resolution monitoring for early warning of wall thickness loss
• Couplant free operation, with a flexible transducer conforming directly to asset surfaces
• Belenus X available for monitoring in safety critical & high-risk environments (ATEX, IECEx

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