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novosound's Ground-Breaking Technology

novosound has utilised the latest thin-film deposition technologies to create various products with a unique printed ultrasound sensor that is truly flexible, high-resolution, adaptable and scalable. Our patented technology was developed at the Institute of Thin Films, Imaging and Sensors at the University of the West of Scotland by our current CEO Dr Dave Hughes. Our technology can create the products needed for your industry.

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The Problem With Conventional Ultrasound Methods

Ultrasound sensors send pulses of Acoustic Energy (sound) into an object and listen for the echoes returning from the object to form images. The conventional sensors tend to be manufactured using piezocomposite, piezoceramic or single-crystal materials. Such conventional methods involve machining solid materials to produce ultrasound sensors.

The sensors have rigid faces with poor connection to curved surfaces and are temperature sensitive resulting in reduced acoustic performance at high temperatures. This results in low quality images, limiting performance and potential. Furthermore, thin walls, small defects and human tissue/veins/bone require high-resolution sensors which are difficult to manufacture using reductive machining processes.

Our thin-film deposition technologies eliminate these issues and can be used for a range of solutions and products for your industry.

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What are the Benefits?

Soundwave to screen – full-cycle technical development service and project delivery
Flexible - commercial R&D projects to suit the customers' requirements
Customisable – current products customised to suit the customer
Adaptable - highly skilled physics engineering and commercial team
Scalable - patented in-house ultrasound sensor manufacturing
Security - protect and secure customer sensor supply chain and IP
Specialists in ultrasound - thin film manufacturing additive process
AI/ML - Wireless data transfer and remote data analysis