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One array for every inspection situation

Representing a breakthrough in ultrasonic inspection, the Kelpie’s unique flexibility and low-profile form (0.5mm) allows it to flex, twist and bend during scanning, conforming to difficult shapes and surfaces.

Designed for detecting flaws such as cracks and voids in metals and composites, the Kelpie can wrap around small-diameter piping, scan uneven surfaces and bend round elbow joints with unparalleled precision and accuracy. With enhanced surface conformance, the Kelpie is a market-leading tool for corrosion mapping of critical assets – achieving increased scan speed and enhanced imaging.

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Evaluation Kit

Put the Kelpie to the test with an Evaluation Kit. Easy, accessible and exciting to use, the kit enables users to assess, calibrate and test the Kelpie for a specific application.

Unique Solution To Fit Your Requirements

If you’re looking for a unique solution to fit your requirements, we can help. With a range of customisable parameters including frequency, pitch, kerf and form, the Kelpie can be transformed to fit your application.


With a range of customisable parameters including size, frequency, pitch, kerf and element count, the Kelpie can be transformed to suit your application: Aerospace, Power, Nuclear and Defence.

A Simple Solution

The Kelpie replaces challenging inspections with a simple solution. Designed to adapt to all geometries, the Kelpie is suitable for the inspection and corrosion mapping of components across a wide range of industries.

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