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Printed Ultrasound Sensors

The novosound Ceilidh is ideally suited to the detection of erosion and corrosion, including challenging applications such as CUPS and CUI. It offers advantages in area coverage, resolution and adaptability due to the flexible sensors.

A series of thin film sensors for mid-range, high resolution asset monitoring. These low profile sensors can be installed in confined spaces and under composite wrap for full asset coverage.

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Guided Wave Techniques

Using guided wave techniques and AI / ML data processing, the Ceilidh is capable of detecting, classifying and localising asset damage anywhere within the sparse array area.

Composite Material

The flexible and durable nature of the sensors allows them to be embedded within a composite material matrix, offering a revolutionary monitoring solution for CFRP & GFRP materials.

Validating & Quantifiable

The efficacy of the Ceilidh system was demonstrated in the detection of artificially generated corrosion within a steel pipe sample. Galvanic corrosion created a localised area of material loss within the sparse sensor array. This was validated and quantified using an externally located fixed array sensor (novosound Kelpie).

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