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Slanj, (Sláinte, Scottish Gaelic) - Health

novosound’s platform, a world first for wireless wearable ultrasound development, is being used to create innovative wearable healthcare technologies. The lightweight and discrete nature of the sensors provide a useful alternative to conventional technologies, and mass-production capability facilitates large volumes for consumer products.

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High Resolution Printed Ultrasound Sensor

Designed to be integrated in to miniaturised applications such as smartwatches, smartrings, fitness and wellbeing devices.
Underpinned by novosound’s patented thin film sensor technology, enabling large scale manufacturing of low-power, high resolution ultrasound sensors for consumer applications.

Immense Versatility

Due to its versatility, the novosound wearables evaluation platform has been demonstrated across a range of customer applications. The system has numerous potential use cases, including (but not limited to):

• 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitoring
• Heart rate and performance
• Dehydration monitoring
• Additional vital signs
• Muscle loading and recovery
• Veterinary monitoring
• Tissue and Ligament Movement
• Computer and Prosthetic Control

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