Top-tier manufacturing for your thin film ultrasound application

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Top-tier manufacturing for your thin film ultrasound application

At novosound, we offer end-to-end solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, and that often involves harnessing the power of our cutting-edge 3D printers.

3D printers

We utilise two state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies in our lab:

1. FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling)
2. SLA (Stereolithography) printers

Our talented team, includes John Scott, the brilliant Engineering Technician (R&D), and the fantastic Mechanical Design Engineer, Daniel Cohen. Both employ these advanced printing techniques to bring your ideas to life. Take a look at the photos showcasing our 3D printers in action.

With Fusion 360, powerful CAD technology, they craft intricate 3D models, seamlessly transforming them into high-resolution, printed physical prototypes ensuring the highest standards of precision and efficiency. These prototypes not only capture even the most subtle design details but also possess a smooth surface finish.

John said:

“I take pride in being a driving force behind novosound’s continuous growth, shaping the future of technology through my multifaceted role in the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence”.

Investment in our Rapid Prototyping & Production Area

Recently, the company has invested in our rapid prototyping & production area, investing in a new FDM printer and a new laser cutter. Our new FDM printer is capable of handling multi-material printing, opening up new possibilities in what we can create as a team, as well as being vastly faster than our current system, bringing novosound to the cutting edge of additive manufacturing.

Our new laser cutter boasts a 50W peak power output, directed air, fast-moving motors across a linear rail, these specs will reduce the amount of time that we are spending manufacturing parts, this is all so we can spend more time innovating.

Why do we do this?

Because it’s more than just printing, it’s about overcoming design challenges swiftly and accurately. From prototyping, testing, client demonstrations and beyond, our innovative technology ensures we deliver excellence at every step.

Have an ultrasonic application idea? Get in touch to see how we can assist.