Novosound to showcase advanced NDT products at ASNT 2021

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Novosound to showcase advanced NDT products at ASNT 2021

The Novosound team are looking forward to getting back to an in-person exhibition at ASNT 2021! Organised by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing, ASNT 2021 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona from 15 – 18 November 2021.

Visit Us

Visit us at booth #559 where our team including Dr Dave Hughes, John Bond, and Emma Loedel will be carrying out live demonstrations with Novosound’s advanced NDT products including the Kelpie and Belenus.

When it comes to inspecting and monitoring assets, Novosound’s NDT products enable improvements in efficiencies and safety across a range of key industries including Energy, Power Generation and Aviation.

The Kelpie’s flexible, ultra-low-profile design combined with its high-resolution imaging capabilities enables the inspection and corrosion mapping of difficult geometries where conventional ultrasonic arrays would struggle.

Informed of Asset Condition

Named ‘MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year 2021’, the Novosound Belenus enables 24/7 corrosion monitoring in the most challenging and safety-critical environments. By delivering highly-accurate data corrosion data from remote and high-temperature areas, the Belenus keeps you informed of your asset’s condition round the clock.

Get in Touch

How can Novosound make your sound operation ultra-sound? E-mail us at to set up a 1-2-1 meeting with our team at ASNT or drop by our booth #559 where we look forward to meeting you!

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