novosound technology (Kelpie) solves a critical inspection challenge

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novosound technology (Kelpie) solves a critical inspection challenge

Our CEO (Dave Hughes) and Applications Specialist (Matt McInnes) recently spent a few days in Greece with ATOM Group’s technical arm, Newtron Technologies collaborating on implementing a pioneering and inventive inspection solution of defence equipment on board a submarine. Which, before now seemed impossible given the available technologies in Greece, concerning local physical assets and defence infrastructure.

The Problem

One of the most critical pieces of equipment on a defence submarine poses a great challenge in terms of its integrity and reliability plan, due to its varied geometries and hard-to-reach points.  Where corrosion, cracks, mechanical failures, manufacturing defects, or even errors while in use, occur and need to be constantly monitored and evaluated. A necessary requirement that couldn’t be met until this project was conducted.

Dave Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder of Novosound, said:

This project partnership was a great opportunity to showcase our novosound technology solving a critical inspection challenge. Using our low-profile, fully flexible inspection probe, the Kelpie, we managed to provide a solution that no one else could”

The Solution

This problem was overcome by using our thin film technology Kelpie tool to map corrosion, while achieving increased scan speed and improved imaging. As part of the overall physical asset management program undertaken by Atom Group on behalf of its client, the team of experts from Newtron Technologies and the corresponding team specialising in industrial applications, us here at Novosound, collaborated on this custom project with its very specific and special requirements, covering its inspection needs using new non-destructive testing technologies.

Quote from Kostas Golfinopoulos, Managing Director at Atom Group:

A great collaboration with novosound and Dave Hughes, brought an inventive inspection solution that until now seemed not possible


The Atom Group knows that each physical element has its own inspection requirements. Here at Novosound we pioneer in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic sensors using an innovative thin film technique that overcomes the limitations of traditional ultrasound. Together we fulfilled a demanding inspection condition.

Our team (Dave & Matt) went over to Greece to demonstrate and train members of the Newtron team on using the Kelpie for corrosion screening, on these curved and obscured surfaces. After the training they went with the Newtron team members, onsite at a Naval base, to utilise the solution for inspecting parts on board a submarine.

Proven Technological Solutions

Through such collaborations, we can implement the most proven technological solution for the most effective inspection management in a range of assets. This project is just one of the many that shows the great application of our low-profile, fully flexible inspection probe, and the beginning of an exciting partnership between two businesses.

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