Novosound launches new product series to transform NDT market

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Novosound launches new product series to transform NDT market

The future of NDT is here. We are delighted to introduce novosound’s new, ground-breaking, non-destructive testing (NDT) products.

New NDT Product Series

Novosound’s new product series – including the Kelpie, Belenus and Nebula – come under the umbrella of ‘OCCAM Solutions’ where the simplest solution is the right solution.

Novosound’s products, which are all developed and manufactured in Scotland, eliminate many of the existing challenges facing the NDT market. These include poor signal conduction with sensors unable to fit curved surfaces or difficult geometries, an inability to work at high temperatures and the difficulties of manufacturing high-resolution ultrasound probes at scale from ceramics and polymers.

Celtic Legends

Named after Celtic legends, the Kelpie, Belenus and Nebula are designed to advance your NDT by enabling simple and efficient inspections – potentially saving companies millions of dollars in downtime. By disrupting the way the NDT market operates across sectors such as oil and gas, renewables, energy and aerospace, Novosound’s product series signifies the future of NDT.

Novosound Founding Director and Chief Technology Officer Dr Dave Hughes said:

“The technology we have developed is the dawning of a new era in NDT, saving organisations time and money, as well as improving safety.

“When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, we looked at how we could take all the learnings from taking our prototypes to global trade shows and encapsulate this into these new products.

“Today is not just an exciting day for Novosound, it’s a proud moment being able to bring our two years of research and development to the marketplace, and we genuinely feel our range of products can change the way businesses carry out their testing.”

The 3 New NDT Products

Novosound’s three new products are:

  • The Kelpie, a fully flexible and low-profile linear array, suitable for corrosion mapping or wall thickness measurements. With its fully flexible form, the Kelpie can conform to a wide range of diameters and curvatures enabling easy, efficient and accurate inspections.
  • The Belenus, a match-boxed sized sensor for continuous corrosion monitoring in higher temperature environments. Compact and flexible, the Belenus can be easily fitted to a range of structures for continuous and real-time asset monitoring. With the ability to operate at high-temperatures, the Belenus is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • The Nebula enables the continuous monitoring of results to be remotely reported via the cloud, enabling users to track the condition of assets in real-time and make informed data-driven decisions.

Traditional NDT testing can be time consuming due to the need for shutting down the supporting infrastructure, and the cost of personnel to carry out the job, but Novosound’s technology allows for work to be done more efficiently and cost effectively. And Dr Hughes also believes being able to manufacture the Kelpie, Belenus and Nebula at the company’s base in Newhouse, can only benefit customers.

He added:

“Because we do everything in-house it protects not only ours, but the customers’ supply chain with efficient, completed inspections.

“There is often a tendency to err on the side of caution when it comes to modernisation in the NDT industry, and the need to evolve has been spoken about for many years. One of the constrictors to growth in this area has been the lack of the technology that’s suitable and simple enough to solve the problem – but we have developed that.

“Scotland has always been a global technology leader, and is a country that prides itself on its ingenuity and has created everyday items that we take for granted. I like to describe Novosound as a Silicon Valley start-up in Scotland, and we have ambitions for the company to be the next great Scottish export.”

Novosound High Growth

With the backing of private equity investment, in just two years Novosound has grown into a company that employs more than 30 people at its base just outside Glasgow, while it has also attracted customers from around Europe and North America.

The launch comes following more recent success for the University of West of Scotland spin-out company. Dr Hughes was last month named IoD Scotland Director of the Year – Start-up, while Novosound also pulled off a coup by appointing former Baker Hughes Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, Dr Derek Mathieson, as Chairman.

Dr Hughes said:

“Being able to appoint someone with Derek’s international business experience, particularly in the oil and gas sector, is huge for us. Derek coming on board, coupled with the launch today, certainly points to an exciting future for Novosound and the NDT industry.”

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