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Job Summary

We have an exciting opportunity for an impressive software engineer to join the award-winning team at novosound and help build really cool stuff including software and hardware.

You will be crucial in helping us to continue our mission of Pushing the Limits of Ultrasound Sensing and Imaging. Based in Biocity, Newhouse (Scotland). We are looking for an enthusiastic, ambitious, motivated person to develop sensor stack offering (from sound wave to screen via sensor) and tackle some of the biggest sensing challenges with our clients (amongst the biggest companies in the world!).

We’re looking for someone with a Bachelors level qualification (of course, equivalent industrial experience works too!) in Computer Science or Engineering based field and experience in coding, branching, committing, breaking and fixing things!

If you’ve spent time working, and leading a team, in a fast-growing SME, that will be of significant interest too!

You’ll work closely with our highly skilled team of sensor physicists, engineers and electronics/firmware specialists to develop ultrasound systems, process data and analyse ultrasound signals. The candidate will have the opportunity to work across a range of applications in both medical and industrial sectors.

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Skills & Experience

We are most interested in talking to candidates who have an excellent physics/engineering grounding with experience of applying software engineering (and its principles and good practice) to solving hardware problems.

An undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Computer Science is required. The role is open to recent graduates as well as those with some commercial experience.

Experience with signal processing, computer vision and/or machine learning applications is not necessary but would be advantageous.

  • 2.1 Honours University degree or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency in Python, with experience in another language such as C/C++ as a bonus.
  • Experience with iOS App development using SwiftUI.
  • Knowledge of the use and development of signal processing and/or image processing algorithms.
  • Experience of libraries such as SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, for data handling and processing would be desirable.
  • Experience of libraries such as SKLearn, TensorFlow etc. for Machine Learning / Big Data would be desirable.
  • Experience of data communication with external devices using UDP/TCP sockets on POSIX compliant systems would be desirable.
  • Knowledge of industry-wide technology trends and best practices, such as test driven development, continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Experience with networking and IOT applications advantageous.
  • As well as being qualified, we’re looking for someone who loves tech; perhaps also a hobbyist who is a generalist when it comes to full-stack development and likes getting their hands dirty on prototyping weird ideas that may not work first time

Key Responsibilities

As part of this team, you will:

  • Work with datasets and databases to process ultrasonic data
  • Hardware interfacing and embedded coding for commercial and development systems
  • Work with networking and communications including TCP, MQTT, ethernet and cellular protocols
  • Analyse and process ultrasound datasets to represent and produce images
  • Contribute to the fast-paced development of a range of products and product lines.
  • Work closely with the multidisciplinary technical team to deliver commercial projects