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As technology propels forward, expect novosound to lead the charge in shaping the future of bionics with innovative uses of ultrasound technology. Embrace the future with novosound and create something incredible.

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The Power Of Ultrasound In Wearables

Ultrasound is a staple in medical imaging and utilises high-frequency sound waves to unveil the mysteries inside the body. It’s the go-to for diagnosing, assessing organ health, and guiding medical procedures.

Ultrasound Meets Wearables

Enter the new era of healthcare tech! Our researchers and engineers are pushing the boundaries, integrating ultrasound into wearables for dehydration measurement. How? The water content in the body alters wave characteristics, enabling real-time hydration assessment.


Why Ultrasound In Wearables?

No more invasive methods and ultrasound in wearables eliminates the need for blood or urine samples. Unlike traditional methods relying on static samples, our technology provides real-time hydration data, ensuring prompt interventions or the onboarding of fluids, potentially preventing health complications.

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Our novosound sensors are already being used to create innovative wearable healthcare technology devices.

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Pioneering the future of bionics with novosound’s wireless wearable ultrasound sensors.