2023 Wrap up & Highlights

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2023 Wrap up & Highlights

As we say goodbye to an incredible year, we’re delighted to share some major milestones from our journey.

Highlights include . . .

Wireless Wearable Ultrasound Advance

Our dedicated team pushed boundaries in technology, driving the launch of the world’s first development platform for wireless wearable ultrasound. We also entered a wearable ultrasound collaboration with one of America’s leading cardiovascular surgeons, Todd Rosengart, Vice President and DeBakey Bard Chair of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, based within the Texas Medical Centre in Houston, Texas, the world’s largest medical centre. Read more here.

Partnering with Exceptional Minds and Innovative Enterprises

As well as the above collaboration, we also continued commercial partnerships with several blue-chip companies, including our IVUS project with PAVmed, industrial tech with the world leader in pipe-fittings, and a brand new one with the gold standard in corrosion monitoring!

Revolutionising Corrosion Monitoring with the novosound Ceilidh

We proudly launched our wide-area monitoring system, ushering in a new era of Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE), with a project with a global oil and gas services company!

The novosound Ceilidh

Team Growth

A huge thank you to our outstanding team! We significantly expanded across engineering, technical, and commercial departments, including hiring a CFO (former Intel executive). Fostering innovation and collaboration for all our amazing projects.

Critical Submarine Inspection Success

The novosound Kelpie, our flexible ultrasound inspection tool proved invaluable, resolving a critical inspection issue aboard a military submarine. Read the full blog here.

CES Showcase

Excitement is building as we gear up for CES at the beginning of the year! Stay tuned as we unveil our groundbreaking wearable ultrasound technology to the world.

Paving the Way for our Continuous Revenue Growth

We anticipate doubling our revenue growth once more, driven by the ongoing projects we are actively involved in.

2024 is going to be Bigger and Better

Keep an eye on us for an even more remarkable 2024! We’re set to reach new heights, break barriers, and continue our journey of innovation.

Thank you for being a part of our incredible year. Here’s to pushing boundaries, solving challenges, and embracing the exciting possibilities with our ultrasound technology.